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Vitrectomy Seated Support is a lightweight portable sturdy chair, ergonomically designed to support the patient safely and comfortably in the face-down position for long periods of time.  It comes with a armrest/desk with removable arm pad that can accommodate a small laptop computer or  portable DVD player, phone, games, etc.  You can use the facedown periscope mirror with the chair to watch your television. Other activities like reading, writing, chatting with friends and family and using the telephone will help you pass the long days.  This chair is where you will spend most of your waking hours.

This chair is adjustable and we have three sizes to accommodate all body shapes and sizes.  The quality and functionality make this chair an absolute necessity for comfortable recovery.  Many patients inform us that they would not have made it though without the Vitrectomy Seated Support.  "It was a god send."

The face cushions come with soft flannel washable covers for comfort.  Included is a crescent shaped and a 3-pad face rest cushion.



















Using the Periscope Mirror w/Chair to watch TV


Using the 3-Pad Face Cushion to wear reading glasses

This system is continuously being improved, so some differences may be apparent.