Equipment Rental Prices     [Back]

Nasu Enterprises, LLC is not responsible for any medical condition, injury or damages resulting from the use of the equipment.
We encourage all lessees to consult with their physician/surgeon prior to using post-surgery positioning equipment.


Wherever you are, we can get the equipment to you by one of these methods: 

This equipment is small and portable enough to fit in any small car.
Please try to schedule as soon as your surgery is scheduled.

Rental prices: (1 Week Minimum Charge)

1) Face Support w/Armrest Shelf
2) Sleep System
3) Seated Support $129/week
4) Facedown Periscope Mirror $14/week
5) Vitrectomy Support Package # (1, 3, 4) $219/week
6) Vitrectomy Support Package # (2, 3, 4) $219/week

Rental of a 2nd sleep device, #1 or #2 will be discounted to $59/week with a package #5 or #6.

Please call us at 206-459-4343 to make a reservation.